dddice is rolling into beta!

dddice is rolling into beta!

It's been quite the journey since the project kicked off in October 2021. The app, the community, the dice have developed quite a lot in that time. We are now ready to take the next step in that journey and move the software into beta!

On April 11th, there will be a few changes. The most exciting being the marketplace launch. But first, we want to focus on what is staying the same.

🔒 What won't change

dddice —  its platform, its integrations, its roll rooms, its stream overlays, the dice editor, the API — will remain free to use, no signup required.

You will still be able to create as many custom dice and roll rooms as you want, and share those dice with your friends using share links.

We believe this is essential for dddice goblins to be able to convince their whole party to use the platform.

🚀 What will change

The biggest change will be updates to our Patreon rewards. We will be following the model of other TTRPG apps editors and creative communities and making the community-created dice exclusive to Patreon supporters. Everyone can still browse the community collection, but only Patreon supporters may add the dice to their digital dice box.

Any community-created dice you have already added to your dice box will still be yours!

To maintain your ability to play all the games you might want to play, there will be a small collection of completely free dice. This collection will support the most common systems — Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, World of Darkness, World of Darkness 5e & Call of Cthulhu. Some lesser-played systems will also have free dice — Mouse Guard, Coriolis, Alien, and The Living Dead.

Each week, we will select a handful of the best community-created themes to feature on our marketplace landing page. These themes will be free for everyone to add to their digital dice box during that week.

The other big change is the Marketplace. We will start selling dice on April 11th to coincide with National Board Game Day. Many of you have already added some offerings into your wishlist, and now will be your time to finally add them to your digital dice box.

What won't change What will change
Free to use Community dice are a Patreon reward
No sign up required Free dice collection
Create as many dice and rooms as you want Rotating free themes
Share dice you created with your friends Marketplace!

🤔 Why the change?

Many of you have asked over the years, “how do you all make money”? The answer is we don’t, not really. While we do have our wonderful Patreon supporters, the money coming in from that does not yet cover our operating costs. We hope that by increasing the value of the Patreon subscription and selling premium dice, we can build a sustainable company and community that will be a part of the amazing things to come for TTRPGs.

Happy Rolling! 🎲

~ Celeste Bloodreign & nullfish